Wood Carving

The art of wood carving has been the pride of Nepal for many centuries. Wood work has been part of the traditional architecture of Nepal and wood carvings have graced monasteries, temples, places and residential homes since the 2th century.

Paubha / Thangkas

Bhaktapur is reputed to be a centre for Paubha/thangka painting. Paubha are painted on cotton canvas with water soluble pigments, both mineral and organic, tempered with an herb and glue solution.

Traditional Mask

Bhaktapur is renowned for traditional mask production. Masks are usually produced by the people of special cast called Pun.


Bhaktapur is center of terracotta products. The two pottery squares are widely popular where they are produced. Potters, who are kumah by cast, are popular to shape the clay in various forms.


Modernization has somehow affected the traditional handloom product but still Bhaktapur is famous for its traditional hand cloths if you walk through the tranquil alleys of Bhaktapur

Metal Crafts

It is also one of the important products of Bhaktapur, usually produced by a cast called Tamot (Tamrakar).


The city of Bhaktapur is renowned for its Juju Dhau of Bhaktapur. Traditionally the buffalo milk is used to produce this delicacy. The tasty yogurt is also known as king curd. It is the typical desert in a Newar community.