Economy of Bhaktapur

Tourism is playing an important role in the economy of Bhaktapur. It is generating sizeable amount of revenue and local employment. But still the full tourism potential of Bhaktapur has not been utilized properly. The average number of days spent by tourists is very low. This can be extended by introducing new activities such as village walk, bird watching, camping etc. Each Village Development Committee of Bhaktapur has tremendous tourism potential. Places beside the main Durbar Square should be explored and publicized through proper modes of promotion.
Introduction of new places in Bhaktapur as well as neighboring districts can contribute in increasing the length of tourist stay. The major share of money is being drained out of the local economy through beverages and soft drink items. Complete replacement of the beverages and soft drinks item isn’t possible, but accommodation establishments and restaurants can still reduce beverage consumption by promoting local alternative products like Ju Ju Dhau (Curd), Local aila/Jaad (alcohol), fruit juices etc.
Some of the bigger accommodation establishments and restaurants import certain food items from Kathmandu though they are locally available. Bigger restaurants must promote local products. It will help in reducing the amount of money diverted away from Bhaktapur. Through the use of local food, the agriculture sector can grow to the extent of creating jobs and contributing in the rise of total revenue.